LUMO’s family company, Pillow’s Willow VR Studios, offers you VR (and in a later stage also AR) Dreamscapes, where you can -alone, or together via multiplayer option- take a break from the real world and be astonished by wonderful virtual environments where you can look around, play, have fun and feel good. Pillow’s Willow’s VR game titles are targeted for all ages; this is one of the reasons why we avoid excessive violence in our games. As we believe in full hand presence within the VR environment we have started a cooperation with Manus VR the developer of the first consumer VR glove. This resulted in Pillow’s Willow having the first game supporting the VR glove.

In our first game, Pillow’s Willow, you have time to experience and discover this wonderful phantasy like world you have just entered. You can have a good and close look at every detail, if you wish, besides that you can enjoy playing and try to overcome all kind of obstacles and solve magical puzzles. In the multi-player version you need to cooperate at times to both be able to achieve the objectives, though it isn’t easy to find the way back to the real world.

Have a look at the teaser, revealing a glimpse of the universe of Pillow’s Willow.

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