Meet the ‘Super Mario’ icon of VR; Nerow released on Google Daydream

Press release

EINDHOVEN (the Netherlands) – October 4, 2017- Google Daydream released  ‘Spark of Light’ with its main character Nerow. VR influencers, amongst others at VRscout and HTC Vive, have said Nerow has the potential to become the ‘Super Mario’ of VR.

The storyline of the game evolves around the sympathetic Nerow, a little boy who lives peacefully alongside mystical creatures in a fairytale world. His world is disturbed when the greedy Moth King abducts the sun, leaving Nerow and his friends in the dark. Nerow asks the player to help restore balance by retrieving light sources and light up the world by solving environmental puzzles, where also Nerow guides the player in a beautiful interaction through the magical journey.

“We are so excited that we notice that players create an intense bond with our main characters through their interaction in the game”, says Chief Creative Officer Peter Kortenhoeven, “we only could have hoped this bounding to happen and are very grateful for the comparison made by VR influencers”.

Besides the sympathetic main characters, Spark of Light, developed by Dutch Pillow’s Willow VR Studios, stands out between the current VR games offering by its non-violent character and its outstanding visuals. ” Our ‘DreamLight’ system illuminates the game in a unique way,” says CEO Andy Lürling, “the reviews are very positive and we notice with the Oculus Gear VR version -released last August- that we reach a wide audience from young to old, both men and women, which was one of our objectives. All in all we are very satisfied”.

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