LUMO labs companies VRee and Pillow’s Willow both mentioned as AR/VR leaders

In a recent report of Digi-Capital covering the AR/VR market both LUMO labs companies VRee and Pillow’s Willow are included as leaders in their market segments. VRee is mentioned as leader in the Location Based market and Pillow’s Willow in the Game market.

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VRee is the developer of the VRee-platform, that makes it possible for multiple users to have a synchronized full-body experience in virtual reality without noticeable latency. The platform supports multi-play, haptic feedback, live content streaming and interaction features for spectators. The platform also supports playing in a joint virtual environment from different geographical locations. It is an open platform with SDK’s available for both suppliers of hardware (HMDs, motion-capture suits and peripherals), and for third-party content developers for games, training & simulation, or business to business applications. The VREE platform enables cost effective development of multi-user full body VR applications for the entertainment industry (e.g. VR games, Location Based Entertainment Centers, eSports), training & simulation industry (e.g. emergency response training, defense) and product design (e.g. digital prototyping).

ABOUT Pillow’s Willow VR Studio

Pillow’s Willow VR Studios is a multi-award winning game studio that creates fairy-tale games for both 3dof as well for 6dof HMD’s. The studio excels in its high-quality visuals while maintaining maximum performance. Their non-violent casual VR games, with curious though likable characters, are fun, easy to play and suitable for all ages.

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