‘Spark of Light’ wins VR game award for best game in China


Dutch Pillow’s Willow VR Studios won yet another award with its successful title ‘Spark of Light’ during the Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzen. Spark of Light is one of the most downloaded VR games on the 6DoF mobile VR HMDs in China

 Earlier this year ‘Spark of Light’ already received the prestigious VDA Award during the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. This can be seen as a new high-light for the young successful VR game developer.

‘The fact that ‘Spark of Light’ reached the spotlight when it was chosen to be the launching game title for the HTC Vive Focus of course was a big driver of this success, Creative lead, Peter Kortenhoeven says, ‘but of course we are totally thrilled winning this award. In the end China is the largest VR Market’.

‘These awards are perfectly timed, as we are currently raising our Series A Investment ’, CEO Andy Lürling states, ‘we are sure this recognition and traction from the market helps in achieving our goal’.

During the Innovex in Taiwan, which takes place in the first week of June, the Dutch Studio will launch its new full body active VR eSports/location based game called ‘Exodus Burned’ based on the VRee platform. Later in June Exodus Burned will be showcased for a select group in California.

For visual materials/presskitt: http://www.pillowswillow.com/press.html

ABOUT Pillow’s Willow VR Studio

Pillow’s Willow VR Studios creates fairytale games for both 3dof as well for 6dof HMD’s. The studio excels in its high-quality visuals while maintaining maximum performance. Their non-violent casual VR games, with curious though likable characters, are fun, easy to play and suitable for all ages.

Andy Lürling – Chief Executive Officer
+31 618479999

Peter Kortenhoeven – Chief Creative Officer
+31 637011569

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