Dutch Technology Week (DTW) 2018

LUMO labs is proud to inform you that next week from the 4th until the 9th of June 2018 the seventh edition of the Dutch Technology Week (DTW) will take place.

During this week the most amazing and innovative technology stories will be told. The high-tech industry delivers a lot of great performances, and we are very proud of that! To share this pride companies, government, and knowledge institutes work together for a week full of technological surprises. During the DTW everyone can see, feel and experience how promising and stimulating it is to contribute to inventions that change the world. For example, most of the smartphones and tablets use chips that are made with machines of ASML. Are you flying from Schiphol to Barcelona? Then your baggage will be transported with the baggage handling systems of Vanderlande from Veghel. And the smart pill from Philips knows, thanks to its ‘built-in navigation’, exactly where in the body a medicine is needed.

The organisation is in the hands of Brainport Development. Together with numerous national and international partners, the high-tech industry is put on the map. Brainport Eindhoven Region was named ‘smartest region in the world’. A title which you have to wear and emit with pride. A perfect opportunity as smartest region to show how good we are in high-tech.

For more information please go to https://www.dutchtechnologyweek.com/en/programme/2018

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