Exodus Burned by Pillow’s Willow featured as top 5 VR experience 2018

Exodus Burned is covered by VRFocus and listed as one of the-top-5-vr-experiences-from-gamescom-2018.

Another out-of-home experience to make VRFocus’ top five is Pillow’s Willow VR Studios’ Exodus BurnedBetter known for its mobile VR title Spark of Lightthe team has been working on not only a fully competitive VR experience using standalone headset HTC Vive Focus, but a full body tracking system in conjunction with VRee to compliment the experience. read full article here and watch the interview with founder Peter Kortenhoeven.

Last week during the European Attractions Show (EAS) in Amsterdam, the public already got the chance to experience Exodus Burned first hand!

Jump, run, crawl; all is possible by using your body as a controller. Exodus burned is a VR tournament sports game where players finish 1 minute challenges within a total time of 10 minutes. The perfect mixture of an escape room and an obstacle course, that’s not only great to play but also to watch. Each match will be a different experience for the players as well for spectators that can watch and interact during the match. – 2 vs 2 (co-op & versus) – Free roam (no line of sight technology) – Full body active multiplayer VR game (also playable outside) – total system set up in 15 minutes and players ready to play in 1min30sec. – Live stream, spectator interaction – a full body workout Exodus Burned is the perfect fit for location based centers and can also be used for events.

Please contact info@pillowswillow.com for more information!




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