LUMO Labs Accelerator Partner of Eindhoven 5G/Sustainable City Program

Today the City of Eindhoven, Vodafone and Ericsson jointly announced that Eindhoven will be the first city in Holland with a 5G network, including the so called ‘mission critical’ frequency.

LUMO Labs is involved as the accelerator partner. We will select ‘sustainable city’ propositions from start-ups and student initiatives to have these tested on the 5G network and we provide coaching to the teams and founders on the entrepreneurial aspects of their proposition to help them grow into successful global impact organizations.

The newly established 5G network opens the door to tests and pilots in Eindhoven with e.g. autonomous driving, autonomous drones and robots as well as emergency services applications. The High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the music venue ‘De Effenaar’ and the  PSV Eindhoven Soccer stadium have been assigned as the initial test locations.

Please click 20190329-persbericht-Eindhoven5G-ENG-DEF for the official press release.

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Our LUMO program is exclusive and only the most promising startups will be selected. Make sure you are one of them.