As of today it is possible to actively experience the virtual world using your entire body in the Active Esports Arena in Eindhoven

Extremely proud that two of our LUMO portfolio companies Pillow’s Willow VR studios and VRee managed to work together to create the first Acive Esports Arena. Please find below the official press release.

A world’s first for Eindhoven: The Active Esports Arena Eindhoven was opened today with great interest from both the sports world and the tech industry. At the Active Esports Arena you step into the virtual world with your entire body and immerse yourself in a different world, much like the movie Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg. New intelligent software and a seemingly simple high-tech harness turn your body into a controller for a unique gaming experience full of challenges. Previously this was only available for the movie industry and high-tech army training facilities. A nice side effect is that the harness makes you look like a full-fledged action hero both in real life and in the virtual world. To join the game you still have to move to the SX building in Eindhoven where the Active Esports Arena is located.

Frans Janssen, Commercial Director of PSV which is one of the partners of this initiative, spoke during the opening. “PSV has entered into a partnership with the Active Esports Arena because we want to contribute to the vitality of the new generation. This new generation is difficult to reach via traditional channels. They are interested in games and esports, and that’s where we find them.” says Janssen. “Gaming does not necessarily mean you have to “sit in front of a screen”, as shown by Exodus Burned. As a player, you don’t even notice the full body workout, because you are completely absorbed in the virtual world. ”

Exodus Burned contains elements of various sports and strategic games. Due to varying difficulty levels, everyone can enjoy the experience at his or her level. “The great thing is that you can really become a better player by playing it repeatedly.” says Bob van Oosterhout, founder of Triple Double Sportsmarketing, “Moreover, the players and the game are beautifully portrayed and it is also exciting to watch as a spectator. Exodus Burned really has everything it takes to become a popular esport with a large crowd, and that in turn offers prospects for sponsors who want to get in touch with the target audience. In short, I am convinced that physical esports will take gaming to the next level.”

“Active gaming with your body as controller, where you sometimes work together and then to end up competing against each other to keep the highest score. That’s how you best describe Exodus Burned, the official first active esport.” says Exodus Burned creator Peter Kortenhoeven. “At the moment, we are talking with several European top football clubs to open similar arenas. In addition, there is a desire to organize an Exodus Burned League and tournaments among these clubs.”

Bart de Boer, chairman of the Leisure Development Fund Noord-Brabant, who supports this initiative, says: “Exodus Burned and this Active Esports Arena are good examples of the innovative entertainment that we want to stimulate with the LDF Noord-Brabant. It is a unique VR experience, the most active VR experience in the world, which has never been seen before! On behalf of the LDF Noord-Brabant, I congratulate the initiators on the opening of the world’s first Active Esports Arena and I wish them the best of luck!”

 Active Esports Arena Eindhoven:

A location where groups (by appointment, bookable via the website) can come to play active games, where they have to use their entire body as a controller. The first game, Exodus Burned, can be played both recreational and more competitively. Competitions and tournaments can also be set up for more fanatic groups.
Active Esports Arena Eindhoven was set up by Pillow’s Willow VR Studios in collaboration with PSV and Sportscloud and with support from the Leisure Development Fund Noord-Brabant and the Eindhoven seed capital fund & venture builder LUMO Labs.

For more information and bookings: Active Esports Arena

Press coverage in Dutch Omroep Brabant



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