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At LUMO you are able to take part an unbelievably individualized and customized two-year program which is designed to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to build and ship hardware products that make a difference. Alongside other LUMO companies, partners and network, the LUMO program connects you with sector-specific experts and you will work with our experienced team of founders. LUMO provides critical guidance that will increase your company’s chances of success. At LUMO you get the change to spent a maximum of time on your company, ensure the right network, and get your company in front of the right investors. At LUMO you will get the best deal that combines significant startup capital, hands on expert support, office space and access to our global network.

What is LUMO?

The only two year startup accelerator program in Eindhoven. Designed to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to prototype, manufacture and ship products that really make a difference. We select the most promising hardware startups in the south of the Netherlands to join LUMO. LUMO is part of a venture capital fund designed to address the unique needs of early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software.

Where does the name LUMO come from?

LUMO is Esperanto for light which refers directly to the long history of PHILIPS and the invention of lightbulbs here in Eindhoven. LUMO labs is based in a former Philips building. Furthermore of course 'light' is associated with having new ideas, accelerating growth and therefore innovation.

Who is LUMO looking for?

LUMO is mostly looking for passionate entrepreneurs pursuing large market opportunities, with at least one technical co-founder in the connected device space. The team should be focusing on solving a real problem and changing the world creating a business model with recurring revenue potential connecting to the world. The right company is at the an early stage and has preferably a co-founder team of preferably 2-4 people.

How much does LUMO invest?

We invest a total value of €100k to €150k in the companies we work with. We believe a two year long-term intensive and hands-on cooperation with our companies is the only way to build great value. To support this vision, we work with companies on an equity basis only.

How much equity will LUMO take in LUMO companies?

In exchange for being part of the program and the € 100.000 investment value, LUMO will ask for a 30% stake in all LUMO companies.

What kind of business models do we love?

Business models which provide high customer lifetime value, strong company vision, market viability usually through a hardware software connection and recurring revenue with expectations for scale. Business models within a global (consumer) need and LUMO capabilities and channel fit.

Who is LUMO not looking for?

At LUMO we have a certain expertise and are we open to a wide variety of markets and stages, but tend to stay away from products that require multi-year regulatory approval and long development cycles. There needs to be a significant market opportunity.

How are teams evaluated?

Teams are evaluated on their executional abilities to date, the problem they want to solve, market attractiveness and the potential for LUMO to help the company to the next level.

What happens to companies after the two year LUMO program?

LUMO is designed as a two-year program with a milestone at 12 months ending with a (crowd)funding campaign. The complete 24 months you are provided office space at Strijp-S in Eindhoven together with the LUMO team and the other LUMO companies. Towards the end of the two year program you will have the opportunity to extend your stay with us at Strijp-S.

Does every LUMO Company need to be in Eindhoven to get into LUMO?

Yes. LUMO has their HQ in Eindhoven at Strijp-S, and the selected startups will have their own office space in LUMO facility. One of the reasons is that we strongly believe in cross fertilization between the startups especially they are working at the same shared location. We also require that all team members be able to legally work and live in the Netherlands.

Are you open to international teams?

Absolutely. However, we only invest in companies who have their entity setup in the Netherlands and are also living in the Netherlands (south region) and thus are committed to have their office with us in our building, and actually be present most of the time.

Have you already been in business for a little while but still want to apply?

We would love to hear from you! Fill out the application and tell us about your progress - early stage companies come in all shapes and sizes.

Does LUMO sign my NDA?

At LUMO we typically do not sign non-disclosure agreements like most venture investors do not sign non-disclosure agreements.

How does my team apply to LUMO?

Visit the LUMO "Pitch Us" page and fill in the form.

Is LUMO hiring?

LUMO and our companies sometimes have opportunities for internships and our portfolio companies are almost always hiring. Feel free to contact us.



Our LUMO program is exclusive and only the most promising startups will be selected. Make sure you are one of them.