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Our two year LUMO program actively supports you as an entrepreneur to bring great innovative products to the market; better, smarter and faster than other startups. Only a handful of companies will be selected into our two year program. We are not playing a numbers game and investing in volume such as most other startup accelerators. We want all our companies to be successful, therefore our program size matters and in this case we prefer keeping it small. Enjoy continuous learning on the job alongside all our experienced LUMO founders, mentors and partners. We build a true LUMO family together with you and your fellow entrepreneurs, sharing important learnings, striving to be extremely successful and most of all having lots of fun. We have created an environment at Strijp-S which is truly unique and our hands on guidance really is hands on guidance so you can focus on building your company.

Admission requirements for our LUMO program, what LUMO will do for you, and most answers to your questions can be found via our FAQ.

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