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LUMO Labs offers a 2 year venture building program for emerging tech startups. Only a handful of companies will be selected into our two year program. We are not playing a numbers game and investing in volume such as most other startup accelerators. We want all our companies to be successful, therefore our program size matters and in this case we prefer keeping it small. Enjoy continuous learning on the job alongside all our experienced LUMO founders, mentors and partners. We build a true LUMO family together with you and your fellow entrepreneurs, sharing important learnings, striving to be extremely successful and having lots of fun.

We Focus on Unique Criteria:

  • Authenticity: We back teams that are fully focused on their business and its potential success, that have exceptionally strong execution capabilities, and are able to show traction fast;
  • Defensibility: We back business that have their own proprietary core technology, and have potential to scale very fast, claiming markets or important segments;
  • Impact: We invest into businesses and teams with the clear intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social and/or sustainable impact alongside a financial return;
  • Huge Markets: We back businesses that will reach double or even triple digit growth fast, and are serving billion dollar markets;
  • High Return : Each one of our investments needs to have the potential to become a potential multi x returner.


We will be Investing in:

  • Businesses active in AR/VR/MR, IoT (including smart-mobility), robotics, blockchain, Data, and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Businesses that have demonstrated a proof of concept and/or working prototype, primarily at pre-seed and seed;
  • Clear synergy potential between the businesses within our portfolio, to foster a fertile ecosystem and stimulate cross-pollination between the emerging tech fields;
  • Local presence: we welcome entrepreneurs and startups from all countries, though with a clear commitment; all teams and startups are located together at one of our LUMO Labs shared office facilities;


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