How we work


Month 0-4

Boosting your startup

During your first 4 months at LUMO we will support you in developing a two year go-to market plan ensuring your team focuses on all the right aspects of growing your business successfully. Business model, positioning, branding and product design all the way through market launch and manufacturing, but also setting up a solid organization and financial structure of your company. We will connect you with our network of strategic partners, other successful start-ups, as well as advisors, mentors and press giving your startup a real boost. We will help you to identify your problems, help you understand your options, and think through any difficult decisions you may face. If necessary provide engineering expertise to assist you on the hardware side of your project.


Month 5-11

Creation of prototype

Before entering the market, we believe in testing prototypes with your customers. This is essential in an early stage to optimize your product market fit. We guide you in this prototyping phase which will result in a reduction of the time-to-market, minimized risk, without losing out of sight the objective of being able to reach sustainable margin when the product goes into the mass production phase. We partner with your technical team harnessing your expertise to ours, so we understand every step of your product’s journey streamlining your strategy. Therefore all the LUMO companies share office space in our innovation lab located at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, so you can easily bounce ideas and experiments off one another.


Month 12

Successful funding campaign

After 12 months all the LUMO startups go for a proof of market via a (crowd)funding campaign and/or by attracting additional investment. We will help you to realize your campaigns, introduce you to our trusted network of angel and venture capital investors to make sure your startup is well prepared for the next phase. Check our special crowdfunding page. There you will find the top online fundraising platforms in the crowdfunding space, video’s, tips & tricks, blogs and other valuable resources.


Month 13-16

Benefit from our experience and network

After your successful (crowd)funding campaign, you are ready for manufacturing. The additional sales and “backers” drive initial traction to gain revenue and viral growth. Because all was lined up in the first year and just before your (crowd)funding campaign, you improve customer development, sales, marketing and the final customer experience by a fast manufacturing process. Due to this strategy you don’t just deliver on product perfection, but you also deliver in time which is crucial to your success in a highly competitive market where you have to perform and deliver as promised.


Month 17-24

Launch products successfully

One of our fields of expertise, where we excel from other start-up accelerators, is that we have acces to a valuable Omni channels to get your product in the right place at the right time across the globe with a sustainable margin. Our global distribution services consist of managing the purchasing, inventory postponement, and delivery of products from suppliers to both physical and online retailers across the globe. We understand the challenges and are able to connect you to global markets that would typically take years to understand and develop. In the prototype phase we already developed the product design engineering, manufacturing and packaging to connect your product to the right channels to create a great customer experience and make your product a success.



Our LUMO program is exclusive and only the most promising startups will be selected. Make sure you are one of them.